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Welcome - Welkom - Bienvenue !

Always guided by aesthetic of art, Margot aims to influence her environment through an highly creative and intuitive mind. All of her projects are under the prism of aesthetic as she’s passionate about painting, contemporary dance and the design of exhibitions. 


Drawing has been the first form of art for Margot showing that she enjoyed expressing herself through art since she was young. After finishing her Master’s degree at Fine Art School in 2018, she moved to The Netherlands and specifically chose Amsterdam for its vibrant design and art scene. Nowadays she is specialized and develops wall frescos with clients as a interior wall designer. 


Her vision is that all the moments in life are opportunities to create by expressing yourself in some sort of art form through different art techniques with the desire to make things more beautiful.

2018 : Master degree Aesthetic of art - University

2017 : Master degree Artistic Direction of cultural projects - University

           Master DAPCE

2016 : Graduated at École Supérieure des Beaux-Arts (MO.CO Esba)

           CESAP Certificat d'études supérieures d'arts plastiques 

2015 : Graduated at École Supérieure des Beaux-Arts (MO.CO Esba)

           DNAP Diplôme national d'arts plastiques 


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